Essex online parish clerk project

We intend to keep the site as a free to use facility but the time has come to follow other projects of a similar genre and give our users the opportunity of making a small donation to assist us to keep the site running for the longer good.

With that in mind we have set up a Go Fund Me page the purpose of this is to raise between £300-£500 over the next year to help us cover the running costs for the next two years.

It is best viewed on a monitor with at least 1024 x 768 resolution and with Javascript enabled in your browser.

The site has been tested in Google Chrome, Opera and Apple Safari (our favourites), Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer; all on Windows 7.

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Information is organised by the historic Church of England parishes within the county.

This site will only be as good as the contributions received from you!

Please help to make the project a success by contributing your transcriptions - records, wills or any other information relevant to Sussex parishes.

Although there is a strong focus on genealogical information, we also include historical and social information.

All parishes have been registered as one-place studies. Clues It is with sadness that we have to announce that the present owner and technical wizards have decided that they can no longer maintain this website both financially and technically due to other commitments.

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